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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Every day at school, I see people with white ear buds blasting music out. Even a girl rapidly texting on her phone under her desk during class. During lunch, my friends always have their iPod or smart phone out. While I was in cultural geography, when we were doing our competency a girl besides me said, "Mr.Lee is there any website on the computer that isn't blocked, so that I could listen to music because my iPod runs out of battery quickly if I listen to music." I know that for some people listening to music helps them, but when I heard this question I thought, "Are you serious?" Also every time I check Facebook (which is rare) there's always the same 8 people posting often and is almost always on. I don't think using these new technological advancements is always a good thing. The worst aspect of many teens today is that they are too obsessed with technology. Although technology provides an easier way to communicate and gives instant-gratification, technology has negatively influenced teenager's social interactions because it removes them from reality, hinders our communication in the real world, and makes themselves lazy and/or have health problems.

Teenagers usage of technology often removes them from reality. What "removes them from reality" means is that when someone is listening to headphones, it sometimes implies "don't talk to me". Therefore removing them from reality and just the person focusing on whatever they're doing. Also people who watch TV can get removed from reality. I know this because it happened to me a couple of times. People just sit in front of the TV getting brainwashed making you sit there longer. One dangerous example of technology removing people from reality is texting and walking. There has been 1,100 injuries that were treated in the hospital's emergency rooms in the past year. Also there has been a lot of deaths related to texting and walking. Using the cell phone removes you from reality, causing you not to know your...
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