Teenager Addicted to Computer Games

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(teenager addicted in computer games)

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Computer game addiction is the main problem for the parents and the big question mark for the parents such as why my children can addicted to the games, and what should we do to stop their addiction, nowadays, the children spend their times in the computer for them it’s the games and technology era not the bicycle era again. The truth is the parents have a big effect for this problem because they are the one who buy the children computer and the one who buy the children a computer games, it is not bad to play computer games, but if too much, it is not good also, the children need socialize with their friends, they need friends in the real life, not friends in the games world. There are many solutions for the parents to prevent their children’s computer usage.

Parents contribution are very important to help the children who addicted to games, children must know the negative effect because of their addiction, such as: have no friends in the real life, school grade become bad, and the games will effect their health, specially their eyes. Parents can help their children with many way such as use the technology, automatic shut down, use the scheduled task, parents can also indirectly stop the children use the computer too much, use the computer usage as the present if they done their assignment, for the example. Teens can ask help to their parents to remind them if they’re already spend their time too much in computer and also can ask their parents to hide the mouse or keyboard to prevent them to play computer or indirectly force them to do something else beside playing computer such as go out and play with friends, watch TV, listening to the radio, etc.


Symptoms of Video Game Addiction in Teens
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