Teenage Years Are Best Years in One's Life

Topics: Adolescence, Puberty, Preadolescence Pages: 9 (3604 words) Published: January 28, 2013
'The teenage years are the best years of one's life'.
Time and tide waits for no man. Although this saying may seem incredibly cliched, this proves to be the most truthful statement of all. Man are often engaged in the never ending chase for time. Many have wasted their youth away during their teenage years and only to regret after it has been a forgone conclusion. i agree that the tennage years are the best years of one's life.

Tennagers are generally full of vitality and energy. This advantage allows them to conquer the world literally, experience new insights, gain wisdom and acquire knowledge. Teenagers can also challenge themselves to practise extreme physical sports like mountain climbing. Often free from financial burdens, nothing pulls them back from pursuing academic excellence and various desires.

However, many teenagers misintepret the meanings of life. They do not have indivisuality due to the lack of knowledege and wisdom to proceed with logical thinking. Some teenagers do not have their parents to guide them along this course of life. Therefore, these teenagers begin to assume that the teenage years are the worst years of their lives.

Some teenagers also feel apart from their peers because of looks, grades or achievement injustice. They are tempted to see how far they can push the status quo.

The statistics in Straits Times Interative shows that most of the angst-filled teenagers come from stable homes where their parents are professionals. They are lack of love from their busy parents and urgently wants to seek the attention of their parents.

Therefore, many teenagers began to worship metal bands like Atreyu, Cradle of Filth and Bleeding Through and resort to foolish acts like self -mutilation. Many teenagers start to believe that the slitting of wrist and writting poems glorifying their suicide attempts can show their support for emo bands and even be as cool as these bands. This wrong perception is due to the satanic appearance and angst-filled lyrics of metal bands.

In conclusion, I strongly feel that teenage years are still nevertheless the best years of one's life. With extra guidance and stricter censorship of metal bands, I believe that the true beauty of teenage years will soon dawn upon the youths in today's society. The Teenage Years

Growing up is a hard process, especially for those who are experiencing their adolescent years.   Everyone who has gone through this process agrees that these years have been some of the most awkward and strangest years of their lives; the ‘teen years’ is a period of time in which the majority of people tend to have rebellious and irresponsible behavior, where it’s easy to feel isolated and where everything bad that happens is the “end of the world”.   Teenagers seem to hate everything around them; they seem to always “know what’s best” and to think of adults as fake and annoying due to their beliefs and their way of speaking.   On the other hand, many adults do not know how to communicate to teenagers because they have lost a certain understanding of what it’s like to be a teen.    To begin with, this essay will concentrate on the difficulties that teenagers can have while trying to gain a sense of belonging in society and, simply, trying to fit in with a group of friends while fighting their feelings of being excluded and different from those around them. it is so important for teens to have a healthy relationship with their family and for the family to be supportive and to openly communicate with their children. A great way to define adolescence is to call it a ‘state of confusion’ or a blur of emotions and anxiety of various issues or problems.   One of the most common feelings that teenagers have is that feeling of not fitting in, whether it be society, school or their family, the issue lies on the fact that they do not know what they really want to do and.. Being a teenager is really tough. It's the where you have to deal and cope with the...
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