Teenage Wasteland Plot

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  • Published : June 3, 2011
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The story talks about Daisy Coble and her problematic son Donny. One day they called from the school Donny attended to talk to her mother, when she got there she learned that “Donny was noisy, lazy, and disruptive, always fooling around with his friends, and he wouldn´t respond”. Daisy was always trying to get Donny into school and always asked him to do his homework but he just simply didn’t do it or said a lie. The weeks passed and Daisy began to try harder in helping his son, she was checking his assignments every day. The attention was so that she couldn’t even pay that much attention to her daughter. One day the principal called again and told the parents that his son had improved but in a very poor, but his problems now were worse, like smoking, drinking, and breaking things in school; the principal and Donny’s parents made the decision and took him first to a psychologist who said Donny had just academic problems and who suggest to take Donny to a tutor, Cal, and so they did. The sessions he had with Cal and his peers where making effect because one day the principal called and told Daisy that his kid was improving in his attitude towards the teachers and peers; but in his house his attitude was the same, “part of being fifteen” Daisy said. Cal's presence is welcomed at first, but slowly he began so manipulating in Donny’s life and he had set down so many rules like “teachers should call Cal instead of the parents and so on, like if Cal was eliminating Daisy and Matt from Donny’s life. Daisy began to concern until the history teacher called her and explained that Donny's grades were not getting any better since the tutor, and that they were better when she was involved with his homework, that she was the parent and she was the one who should care. As Donny spent more time with Cal the problems increased. One day Daisy receives a call telling her that Donny has been expelled from school. The days passed and Donny got into a public school and the problems...
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