Teenage Suicide

Topics: Bullying, Adolescence, Abuse Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Suicide is a permanent decision to a temporary problem. Teenagers should not be driven to take their own life. I feel that teens think that the only way to solve all their problems is to end their life. The two main reasons of teenage suicide are bullying and life’s pressures. Life Pressures: Life is hard and always will be hard. Whether its home life, school, sports, relationships, acceptance, etc... Teens aren’t taught about how to deal with life pressures. Everyone grows up different, how they act depends on what their home life is like. Some teens have an abusive household and are scared, some can’t take the pressure of school work, and some do not feel accepted. Feeling accepted plays a big role in suicide. Many teens feel as if they don’t belong. They feel they are not good enough because of the way they dress, act, how much money their family has, clothes, grades, etc... There should not be that much pressure to where people take their own lives because they can’t deal with it. Teens struggle with suicide more in their first two years of high school, the rates drop slightly after that. Teens will give in to peer pressure and do almost anything to be accepted. Everybody takes depression differently. Stress and anxiety can be very difficult, but there is always other ways. Bullying: Bullying is the main cause of teenage suicide. There are many different ways of bullying. Bullying is everywhere and people don’t know how it will affect other people. Cyberbulling has increased in the past years. People cyberbully because there not in front of the person, their in front of a screen which can make them feel tougher and not be as scared to say somethings. Bullying can make students not feel safe or wanted at the school. Rumors spread and a person could be singled out, singled out against everyone. “There is the bully and there is the person being bullies. Allow me to make my point here. The bully is often someone that has low self-respect and therefore, feels they...
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