Teenage Sex, Drugs and Alcohol Use

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: September 2, 2012
Teens are crossing boundaries and taking risks that are damaging to their mental, physical, and emotional well being. They are consenting to situations that could change their lives and the lives of those they love forever. Because of the freedom and opportunities that today’s teens have, access to drugs and alcohol, and opportunities for sex are abundant. The Arthur of this paper will expound on and explore various opinions on the issues of teens who indulge in sex, drugs, and alcohol. Parents may not be fully aware of the severity of teen alcohol and drug consumption or teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. As we allow our children to experience the freedom our parents denied us at their ages, we should ensure that our teens are knowledgeable of the responsibility that comes with freedom, and the high price of irresponsibility. Drugs and alcohol are mind alter agents that encourages us to become less inhibited and boosts our self confidence. These substances also cause our judgments and reflexes to become slower or cause us to lose control all together. Teen’s drugs of choice include marijuana, cocaine, acid/LSD and prescription medication like oxycontin, and ecstasy. Considering the immaturity of teen-agers, when they indulge in drugs, sex and alcohol they become their own worst enemies. As parents one must wonder what would cause their teenage sons and or daughters to become sexually active or indulge in drugs and alcohol. According to Fazil, (2004), “Several researchers believe that teens turn to alcohol and drugs to cope with their sexual behavior and society’s negative view of that behavior”. It is possible, though, that teens use drugs and alcohol to boost or encourage their thrill seeking behavior. Perhaps teens who indulge in sexual behavior use drugs and alcohol to provide courage to do what they wish to do anyway. Teens usually discuss their future intentions or plans and past behaviors while under the influence of drugs and alcohol....
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