Teenage Responsibility

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A good age for being called a teenager is 17 years old. A lot of parents believe that when a child turns into a teenager, they lack on there responsibility's and there actions. This is hundred percent true because there brains go blank when they turn into a teenager. At age 17, teenagers should be held responsible for there actions because they will need to make good decisions, get ready for college, and they can drive. One thing that they will be reliable on is making good decisions. Everyday teenagers have to stop and think, so that they can make good decisions. A good decision to make is don't do drugs. Also is to not do bad things and using your time wisely. These decisions can affect your future, so i wouldn't do them. Another action is to get ready for college. When a teenage goes to college, they have turned into an adult. That means they have to be responsible for what they do and where they go. They also have to learn that they have to pay there way throw things, which is saying that they have to pay for there food, gas, shelter, and clothes. A really important thing is to keep your grades good, like I mean all A's. When they turn 17 years old, they will already have there drivers licenses. When they are driving they will have to be smart and watch there speed and look where there going. Also they will not text and drive. Many parents have to think about letting there child get there license because they will have to trust them to be careful and to protect you and the people around you or the people in the car with you. Parents should also remind there kids to pay for there own gas too. These responsible actions are things teenagers need to know when they turn 17 years old. Always remind them to drive safe and carefully. Teenagers should study these rules.
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