Teenage Pregnancy: Societyt's Role

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Teenage Pregnancy:
Society’s Role
Teenage pregnancy is best defined as a young lady under the age of twenty becoming pregnant. Teenage pregnancy, in the past, was not so much of a controversial issue as it is today, mainly because there were very few, if any, ways of preventing it. Whereas, in modern-day’s society, teen pregnancy has become a worldwide issue due to the many methods that can be taken to prevent it-birth control, sexual education courses, remaining abstinent, and many more. Teenage pregnancy has been said to have numerous causes, but most are individual problems or social and family issues. In situations, such as teenage pregnancy, choice is a very important word to consider. Some young women who end up pregnant neither have the option to do otherwise or the knowledge to understand the consequences of their actions. Conversely, the most important question here is: Who assumes the responsibility for pregnant teens and their children? The pregnant teens-themselves? Or does society deserve to take on some responsibilities?

As stated earlier, teenage pregnancy is a worldwide issue. Every country has its own problems with “babies having babies”. Some nations fear their populations exceeding; others seem to be concerned about their death rates increasing. Death is a very important matter for a teenage mother to consider. Having a child young gives teen mothers a high health risk-not only to herself but also to the child as well. However, teen pregnancy, even with that fact being given, is such a struggle to discourage throughout the entire world partly because of the limitation of fertility and other social reasons.

The rise in the rate of teen pregnancies did not ‘just happen’. Several causes contribute to its occurrence. The idea that the prevention of teenage pregnancy will be considered and maybe one day practiced requires the role of the government and its involvement to be addressed and reasonably questioned. Given all the certainties...
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