Teenage Pregnancy and the Media

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Teenage Pregnancy
Teenage pregnancy in the media influences young girls that it is okay to have children at a young age. The media glamorizes teen pregnancy and makes ordinary pregnant girls famous for the problem they have created. The different programs on television may show you that the teens struggle, but it also shows you how the girls get attention from everyone. They are being glamorized for something that isn’t good. Also, some young girls don’t always get the attention they want, so they do something dramatic for everyone to notice them or talk about them. Television programs like The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, and movies like The Pregnancy Pact, and Juno are all programs that glamorize teen pregnancy and make it seem like having a child at a young age is not at all a bad thing. They each show how the teen deals with the problem and still goes on with their life. Knocked Up is another movie that shows an unmarried woman who gets pregnant and it’s not a huge problem. Today, teens are often not very educated in school about sex, abstinence and using a birth control method, therefore seeing these shows on television influence them to have sex, become pregnant, and become a parent at a very young age. Most of the teens that end up pregnant don’t have a good relationship with their parents and they won’t receive the support they need. They also won’t have the chance to finish high school or go to college and most of them will end up poor in our society. There needs to be a solution to the problem with teens getting pregnant because the problem can affect the entire society. Teenage pregnancy is all linked with poor achievement, bad relationships with family, lifetime in poverty, suicide, and committing crimes. Most teens will never be happy because they won’t be financially stable enough to care for a young child by themselves. There are many causes to teen pregnancy that most are not aware of. The lack of good...
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