Teenage Pregnancy

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  • Published : November 18, 2010
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Our subject, teenage pregnancy, will be analyzed by applying the theory of conflict. The theory of conflict is the level of focus popularly referred to as macro. Macro is the approach to the social conflict theory on a larger scale. The assumption that the conflict theory abides by looking at society is that society is composed of conflicting interests. The particular dynamics of teenage pregnancy will address who or what are the conflicting interests. Some of these main conflicts are family beliefs versus reality, peer pressure, and the lack of sex education. In some cases, someone wins and in others, someone loses. Women tend to pay a higher price when becoming pregnant at a young age.

Key concerns:

What are the sources of conflict within the issue of teenage pregnancy?

Family beliefs vs. reality

Peer Pressure

Lack of education

How can these inequalities be overcome?

EX: Sexism – Women are more vulnerable to the consequences than men are. What could be done to overcome the inequalities that women face with teenage pregnancy versus men?

Stronger sex education in schools and programs based to educate parents on how to communicate to their children about safe sex.

Teaching children to have strong morals and values.

Educating children on STD’s and STI’s.

Push the federal government to fund programs that would encourage the use of birth control.

Men should be taught that sexually demoralizing women is not a sign of masculinity or admirable behavior. (Taught by parents, possibly taught in sex ed class?)
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