Teenage Pregnancy

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In today’s society teenage pregnancy is growing. Though the percentile has lowered some in the past ten years, it is still a huge problem today. There is a rising trend of young women becoming mothers at an early age which brought the country to a shocking state. Teenage Motherhood has greatly affected the lives of young women, nowadays. As for the reason of such an early problem, we will know that later in this research. Teen childbearing inflicts far reaching long-term disadvantages on the mother, her child, and society. In general, teen births have negative medical, social, and economic outcomes including high risks for premature birth and low birth weight for infants, infant mortality, childhood illness, reduced educational and employment opportunities for teen mothers, increased welfare dependence for mother and child, impaired cognitive development for the children, increase in childhood behavior problems and poor academic performance, and increased risk of child abuse.

Teenage pregnancy is the result of teen sexual activity. Some teens find it as an entertainment or a pass-time activity this is why teenage sex is done. Teen pregnancy happens when teenagers, out of their curiosity and boredom, have sex and then with them having that activity without knowing the outcomes and the proper way of doing it. Some teenage girls that have sex are careless about this issue while boys take advantage of these careless attitudes of girls and later on, discover that they have done a mistake that will bring them early parenthood. The reason most of them are violent, or act rebellious and do stupid things is because they are not getting any proper guidance. They think and pretend that that they are already responsible enough to handle this kind of problem while in reality, they are not. This is why proper guidance is a must especially, for those teens that grew up having and enjoying too much freedom. This issue awakened the interest of the researchers to conduct a study about the perception of College of Business Administration students towards early pregnancy in Capiz State University main campus. This study will also help students to become aware about the consequences and the possibilities of becoming mothers at early stage. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The study is all about Teenage Motherhood. The study aims to answer questions about early pregnancy among teenagers. Specifically, this research aims to answer the following questions: 1. What is the significant difference of the respondents towards teenage pregnancy when grouped according to: a. Age

b. Sex
c. Year Level
2. What is the respondents’ attitude towards teenage pregnancy? This research will provide the answers to the questions about Teenage Motherhood, the risk of having a child at an early age and how it affects the life of the mother, father, other family members and the child. DEFINITION OF TERMS

1. Sex – sexual intercourse between two persons.
2. Teenager – period of development where one prepares for adulthood having the ages of 13 to 19 inclusive.
In this study, it refers to the respondents.
3. Pregnancy – state of having a child or other offspring developing in the body. 4. Teenage Pregnancy – is that state of being pregnant between the ages of 13 to 19. 5. Mother – a female who bears or rears an offspring; female parent.

This research only intends to answer specific questions stated in the Thesis Statement. The scope of this research is bound only between teenage sex and teenage pregnancy. The interviews that were conducted were only given to and answered by College of Business Administration students in Capiz State University Main Campus that the researchers know, however, their identities were kept confidential. Chapter II: Review of Related Literature includes some studies and surveys done relating to teenage pregnancy. However, those surveys are not based and done in...
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