Teenage Plastic Surgery

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  • Published : November 25, 2006
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Beauty. The Encarta World English Dictionary defines it as possessing pleasing and impressive qualities. Nowhere is beauty more idolized and coveted than in the mind of a teenager. Raised in society obsessed with appearance, it's no wonder today's teens are going under the knife to acquire a more socially acceptable exterior. Teenage plastic surgery is a rapidly-growing trend amongst teens, becoming almost as ordinary as iPods and PlayStations. Cries of outrage pertaining to the ethical worth of this subject (teens are too young/immature) have surfaced all over the country, from disturbed doctors, troubled citizens, and your average concerned parent. In a world where real character (personality, intelligence, morals, etc.) is often overlooked and sometimes mistaken for beauty, plastic surgery is not only acceptable, but is, in some cases, necessary for a teen's happiness and well-being. Possessing pleasing and impressive qualities will afford a teen more confidence, and therefore, greater success.

These days, America is possibly the worst place for a teen to learn self-confidence. Television, magazines, and movies envelop them in the idea that beauty is victory, corrupting their innocent little heads, rendering them depressed and lacking self-confidence. How are teens to thrive in this world if they are too shy and too aware of their appearances to leave the house? Confidence is key. Attractiveness is confidence. To a young person, plastic surgery promises confidence, thus promising the opportunity to succeed in life. Misleading? Not at all. Qualified surgeons (the ones that are, like, actually doctors) are skilled in the area of people-enhancement.
Vanity is one of the most detested (and one of the most frequently possessed) traits a person can have. As plastic surgery deals solely with appearance, it is often subject to the notion that it is only catering to wealthy, egotistical bitches. Everyone has something they would like to change about their...
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