Teenage Parties

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Teenage Parties
It all starts out when parents, go out of town for the weekend and leave their teenagers at home. A perfect advantage to take and a perfect mistake to make. The word gets spread, saying there's going to be a house party. The fun starts the guests start arriving and the music starts pumping. Everyone is having a nice time and it starts out as an innocent teenage, house party, with no parental vision its like heaven because most teenagers feel more at ease when not being watched. Later on at night the crowd starts to get restless and they bring out the hidden alcohol. The adolescents who don't drink feel under pressure at this point because "it doesn't feel cool to not drink". The music gets louder, the house is rapidly increasing with people and no one can stop it. Taxi after taxi arrives and people just keep piling in. Neighbors start to complain about the rowdiness of the house down the street. Teenagers are having drink after drink, not thinking, just wanting to have fun. This when an innocent teenage party becomes not so very innocent. By now there are multiple teenagers drunk in one house. When the party starts to get boring, they move out into the neighborhood, looking for trouble. The police gets called and by the time they know it they are behind bars. This is going to be the party of the year, something to talk about most likely. This is how an innocent house party can turn out, if not even fatal. Things can turn ugly very quickly, but if controlled properly everyone can have fun without anyone getting in trouble or injured. To have fun doesn't mean you have to you have to drink, you can still have fun sober. In fact its more fun to be yourself, many people forget the reason of being at a party, regardless whether there is drink or not its simply about being with people. Catching up with old friends, meeting new people or even just hanging out with your current friends, its just a social time to have fun....
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