Teenage Marriage

Topics: Love, Pregnancy, Teenage pregnancy Pages: 10 (4019 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Is Forced Marriage the Right Proposal for Teenage Pregnancy?

Agad, Jason J.
Caluag, John Paul M.
Lapitan, Denica M.

City College of Calamba
Calamba City, Laguna

Dr. Eulogio T. Tañala, Jr.
March 2013

Is Forced Marriage the Right Proposal for Teenage Pregnancy? “Love not only once, commit not only twice, and think of it more than thrice; do you think these would be enough before tying the knot?”Traditionally, many people of these days believe that using contraceptives is the only safest thing to wear whenever couples make love for this means of deprivation from responsibilities. To sustain only their sexual desires, and having felt the heavens, then afterwards, without even experiencing how it feels like to be in the hell are magically made possible by using contraceptives. Perhaps, this may be the reason why people can easily engage to sexual activities although they are not yet ready to be tied up in a commitment.Younger teenagers who are having hard times to control their needs are often the ones who get into trouble sooner. And as they face many unbearable problems, their feet frequently bring them in situations which are not supposed to appear at their age. They remained ignorant of sex education because their parents don’t even want to talk about these issues. Indeed, all they know is everybody could enjoy sex without taking precautions and consequences afterwards as long as contraceptives are properly used.However, there are still cases where contraceptives fail, maybe because of carelessness and improper prescriptions. How unfortunate are those who still procreate though the “bang” is controlled! Life is formed between the mating of the flower and the bee. Yet it doesn’t mean that the couple is saved from responsibilities. Age may be a factor to scare them to such settlement. Usually, fifteen and sixteen of ages were broken down as the news may contain to such problems. Apparently, these young cannot manage what they have done and what they have made. And oftentimes, their parents intervene and act as third party to compromise, wait for years then will force to tie the knots when they reach the legal age. Consent is made by somebody else on the child’s behalf and sometimes, these children are simply too young to make an informed decision about this arrangement. They do neither have the opportunity to exercise their rights to choose and decide.A setup like this will provoke the sacrament of marriage – of combining two persons who are not indeed in love to each other. How can the bride and the groom walk down the aisle and then walk back with Jesus if there’s no even a sign of love? And who do they want to betray, not only themselves but also Jesus! The latter is such a stupid thing to do. Moreover, how can they say their wedding vows if they knew it is already broken even before marriage?Marriage is regarded as the greatest moment to celebrate and cherish in human life. Sadly, forced marriage has given no reason to celebrate. Facts contain that such practice absolutely brings more negative consequences to millions of children and young people—particularly girls—for they witness each other’s real personality while living under one roof. And it tells that marriage has done nothing good in this case. If they just patiently held their horses for the right time and settled down according to what their heart desires; if they just realized as early as possible that contraceptives can’t guarantee anything, the conflict would not probably come this harsh. Be informed that the only effective thing that can be used before making love is the wedding ring and nothing else.

DiscussionPersons being involved in a situation in which they are not ready can probably have their difficult time in solving their problems about the said situation. Most commonly who are encountering these hard situations are teenagers whom are recognized nowadays for being curious about...
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