Teenage Life in the 1950's

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  • Published : November 19, 2010
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Meta-cognitive language journal

Monday 10/25/10
When I walked to the bus stop with my host sister this morning, I found something was interesting during our conversation. She was telling me that the time period would be changed in NH in winter. But I thought she was talking about the period (a special time for women). I was so confused why women’s period would be changed in winter. Then she asked me whether it would happen in China. I was totally confused why she would ask such an embarrassing question. But I said what I was thinking to her. I told her seriously that period can be decided depending on the environment around you. Then she looked so weird at me and said what you were talking about. At that time I just thought she wasn’t understand me. I was realized she was taking about the time period until she said sunlight. I was felt embarrassed because I misunderstood the word PERIOD in that conversation. People live in here will change there time period because the sun rises late and sets early in winter. And also NH is on the far North. It will still in dark when we go to school. I realized that one English word have more one meanings. You need to let your brain react the meaning of the word in different situation. Otherwise, some misunderstandings might be occurred.

Tuesday 10/26/10
On the calculus class, we were solving a math problem. It was a typical hard question on the problem of the week sheet. No one on the class could solve it. We thought, discussed, tried, but got no process. The teacher was also thinking and calculating on the board. 15 minutes later, we haven’t got any results. Suddenly, a student spoke out very loudly, “I found it!” Then she proofed her thoughts on the board excitedly. Then other students on the class were very surprised and shouted: SWEET! THAT’S SO SWEET! I was amazed because I was first time heard people use SWEET to praise other people. This is very interesting. SWEET is a word describing a...
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