Teenage Identity Issue

Topics: Adolescence, Developmental psychology, Puberty Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: August 19, 2012
India Williams
Pre Ap English 10
31 January 2012
Teen Issues: Teen Identity Crisis The world famous teenage identity issue has plagued teens since, perhaps, the beginning of time itself. Whether making the leap from leader to follower; or questioning one’s sexuality, religion, or friends. The teenage years can be a very intense time in one’s life. No,not because of the hormonal changes, the emotional instability, or the physical difference –of course not. The real issue is that one question lingering in the back of every—and I do mean every—teen’s mind “Who am I?” Whether this becomes a real problem is dependent on the host. For some, making the transition from one identity to another is anything but a real problem. However; for others, the consequences of changing lifestyles and/or appearance can be fatal. Pbs states that “The main goal of identity formation in adolescence is to develop a clear sense of self. This is done by “trying on” different roles in various settings, such as home, school, and other social settings. In this process young people explore their own values... they also have an increased need to “fit in.” Therefore, identity formation can be especially challenging for teens who feel different from others because of their cultural, ethnic, gender, or sexual identity.” With Every teen it is something different, some feel the need to fit in by exhibiting “cliquish behavior”. Cliquish behavior –at best—can be described as multiple people who act as a group rather than as separate individuals. This only becomes a real issue when it excludes one or more persons from another clique. According to Brown University Child & Adolescent Behavior Letter “…Teens often can be intolerant in their exclusion of their peers… they do not want to be associated with anyone having unacceptable or unattractive characteristics…They try to strengthen their own identities by excluding...
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