Teenage Girls and Plastic Surgery

Topics: Plastic surgery, Surgery, Reconstructive surgery Pages: 4 (1157 words) Published: November 11, 2011
Teenage girls of the twenty first century are in an "appearance" driven culture. The teens constantly are texting on the latest phone and clutching the most fashionable handbag. However behind the curtain, what we do not see, the girls are attempting to fit in by getting plastic surgery to fix their “flaws.” The girls that receive the surgery do not fully understand that the surgery will not solve their problems that are more innate problems. When the teen makes the decision to go under the knife they are putting their life at risk. Then, reports show that patients are truthfully unfulfilled with their looks when they receive a surgery. Also, information shows that teens are turning to cosmetic surgery to boost their self-confidence, but that is not always a good decision. Cosmetic surgery is not the way to take when looking for a short-term problem, turning to a long-term solution, is not the solution teens should be able to use.

First, the cost of plastic surgery is strikingly high. A simple face-lift, for instance, costs about $4,600 to receive. Parents in this time are beginning to believe that a cosmetic surgery is a suitable gift for teens for a birthday or a graduation gift. Almost 336,000 teens, 18 years old or younger, have received some type of plastic or cosmetic surgery. Most likely, the consumers must pay out of pocket for the surgery. Paying thousands of dollars out of pocket is not easily done, and it often puts a debt on them because they must borrow the money to pay for the surgery. It is seemingly impossible to imagine the amount of debt teenage girls that cause by getting the surgery done. Obviously the surgery teens get the first time around may not be satisfactory to them, but they should not get the surgery if they are going to want another one and another one eventually because it will start a bad pattern in their decision making.

Next, the teens getting plastic surgery are not always going to be happy with the results they...
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