Teenage Drug Abuse

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  • Published : June 3, 2012
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Teenage drug abuse is a serious problem in our society. Every year, many teens die of abusing drug. The causes and bad effects of it are being concerned and discussed by the Government and many social organizations in every country all over the world.

Drug abuse is the use of illegal drugs, or the misuse of prescription or over- the- counter drugs. It’s an increasingly dangerous problem in our affluent societies and carries great social and economic costs through its impacts on crime and health. Nowadays, teenagers take a large portion of abusing drug. In the world, about 300.000 teens smoke their first tobacco cigarette each day. Bout one-third of those adolescents become daily smokers. About 2% of 10th-grades had used cocaine, 3% had used opiates, 13% had used inhalants and nearly 5% had used club drug (World Health Organization [WHO], 2002).

Teens drug abuse can occur for many reasons, especially, there are three main reasons. The first reason is low self-esteem. During adolescence, teens are sensitive so they abuse drug to forget and release stress. It helps them escape from the reality of their life. Drugs make teens feel powerful. After using drugs, they feel strong and have power to do and resist anything they want. Teen drug abuse also results from the lack of parental guidance. In modern society, many parents work outside the home to earn money to expend for their living so they don’t have time to pay attention to their children’s needs. Parents may not be awared of the warning signs that their children show. Therefore, they can’t prevent them from drug at the right time. As a consequence of parents’ neglect, more and more teens addicted to drugs. The last main reason is peer pressure Teens never want to be isolated so they abuse drug to fit into a group and make friend quickly. Moreover, they use drug to show off themselves. They think drug abuse make them affirm that they are not inferior to anyone. Low self-esteem, parents’ neglect, friends’...
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