Teenage Curfew

Topics: Adolescence, Preadolescence, Human development Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Teenage Curfews in Some Cities

The pre-frontal cortex of your brain is not fully developed so teens can’t actually make fully responsible decisions. Plus drunk drivers are on the road each night. They hit you whether you are in a car or not. A curfew has a lot to do with being a teenager. The teenage crime rate is being reduced when a teenager has a curfew. A curfew is one major point in being a pre-teen to being a teenager. Curfews means teenagers has to home at a certain time or they will get into trouble.

One reason cities have curfews for teenager is because it is for the risk of the teenager’s safety. All cities have their shady parts. The chance of teens having anything happen to them is greatly reduced by being in their own home.

Next, if the teens are not out late they are less likely to meet characters who could lead them down the road. Teenagers are not as likely to do bad things when having a curfew. That is a point that parents needs to know about.

Then, if this generation is protected well by the curfews and their parents to the extent that should never have to come in contact with drug dealers then they will reduce the market for drugs. Therefore, the drug dealers would go somewhere else and the city would become a much nicer place for children to grow up and adults to live.

To satisfy people who understandably do not want sometimes boisterous teens hanging around their houses at all hours. If parents want to make a curfew for children in cities, it is their own choice. Parents should choose whatever time they want their teens to be home. The teenager might live own their own and don’t need a curfew.

In conclusion, it is a good concept that may be a bit repressive, but in the long run will have a positive impact on society.
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