Teenage Brain

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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After watching the video's on the teenage brain, it may me wonder how I acted when I was a teenager and how that behavior helped shape my attitude today. I felt it also help me to be able to relate to teenagers today. The video was very interesting and does explain one reason why teenagers act the way they do. It explains how the brain develops very fast at two particular periods in life, during an infant and at adolescents. It even went until great details of how they are studied. As stated in the book, adolescents seems to be relatively new only being published in the early twentieth century but, yet the behaviors did exist just wasn't given a name. The history of the adolescents depended on what is expected and what was occurring in the world during the time in which the adolescent lives. During a good economy education and child hood was extended and during war time adolescents had to grow up quickly so they may be sent off to war. (E.Martin, 2011, p. 102)Teenagers of the past worked alongside their families and wasn't as educated as the modern teenager today whose main focus is school and spending a lot of time with their peers . Adolescents are faced with a lot of behavior changes such as rebellion, mental illness and violence. As the book and video describes the changes that adolescents go through to transform into adulthood are both exciting and also tragic but, they have a lot of support from today’s society. Works Cited

E.Martin, M. (2011). Introduction To Human Services: Through The Eyes Of Practice Settings . Boston: Allyn & Bacon.
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