Teen's Problems

Topics: Want, Fashion, Hairstyle Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: March 31, 2013

There are many problems that young people have to face when they stop being children. At this age all feelings and emotions are very strong, all problems seem very important. There are two types of problems - personal problems and the problems the whole generation has to face. Personal problems can look silly and unimportant to the grown-ups. The first and terrible thing is misunderstanding from the dearest people - from the parents. They do not understand why you need to buy certain things, listen to certain music or spend most of your spare time with your friends. You do not want to hurt their feelings but they should try to understand you. The same misunderstanding we face sometimes from the side of the teachers. They think that youth is given for studying. But a person who only studies is dull. Some teachers do not understand that youth is the time for us to learn about people and about ourselves, to play and try things. They try to keep us away from all «dangers» which make up life. But we need to be taken seriously and to meet a friendly hand. As long as parents and teachers can't take teenagers seriously, they form their own social groups, which are called subcultures. Teens' subculture is a part of culture and it reveals itself in many features - clothes, styles of favorite music, way of life, opinions about life, future and education, the choice of friends and other aspects. Many groups of teenagers follow a certain fashion which requires wearing a certain piece of clothes (like jeans, army boots, bandanas), jewellery (like earrings for boys), certain hairdos (ponytail, shaved heads, coloured or dyed hair), sometimes certain colours. Some grown-ups think that to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend at school is a deadly sin. I do not think so. There are many films and books about love, and the main characters are usually young. I think, school is the right time to find a boyfriend or a...
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