Teen Violence

Topics: Violence, Crime, Aggression Pages: 6 (2230 words) Published: December 17, 2012
When it comes to the topic of teen violence, most of us will readily agree that their environment is the cause of their violence. Where this agreement usually ends, is on the question of weather their communities have the only impact on their decisions. Whereas some are convinced that it does, others maintain that there are many other factors that contribute to their actions. Many crimes have occurred in 2012, that involved adolescents. Richard Armen states in his article "Teen Crime Statistics" "crime statistics show that approximately one- third of all victims of violent crime are teenagers, between the ages of 12 and 19. Today homicide is the second leading cause of death for young adults, after car accidents." According to Armen almost half of all violent crimes are committed by perpetrators under the age of 25. According to an article on economist.com in 2009 at 8.9 per 100,000 population, the rate of violent such as death (such as from homicide or accidental shooting) is 18 times higher than in Britain. In 2011-2012 teens ages 12-17 experienced 616,479 violent crimes including rape/sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault. (www.nvc.org) Many violent acts done to teenagers occur from their peers. According to Kerby Anderson in his article "crime in America" Kerby states "the perception that criminals are getting younger is backed up by statistics. In 1982, 390 teens ages 13-15 were arrested for murder.  Decade later it jumped to 740. Teen violence can start from the home. Some teens see their mother being abused and resort to violence themselves. Others may have never had a mother or father and are products of a one parent home, so they resort to violence as well. Having inconsistent discipline at home can cause teens to resort to violence as well. Other factors that cause violence from home is, being overly disciplined. Most teens do the opposite of what they are told.  Violence may occur when parents have a lack of education, lack of involvement from parents with a teen, poor teen supervision, and low emotional attachment to guardians and family members. (www.teenhelp.com) According to Ofer Zur, Ph.D, in his article "The Major Issues Facing Teenagers" he states " abusive homes are stronger predicators of adult violent  behavior than violent behavior in the media. The home has an immense influence on children. Violent children are most likely to come from abusive homes." Another reason teens become violent, are due to the issues they face at school. Bullying and peer pressure play a major role in teen violence. In 2012 Bullying has become a major issue with the youth. Bullying has caused teens to become extremely violent. Bullying is considered harassment and abuse. It can be physical or verbal. Teens get bullied everyday at school. In school bullying becomes a major issues, because it takes away from the teens education. Being bullied can make some teens do things they don't want to do. In Florida this year a 14 year old Jorge Saavedra was being bullied by 16 year old Dylan Nuno. According to reports Saavedra was picked on and hit by Nuno on several occasions. Saavedra and Nuno were going to fight, but according to a judge Saavedra tried to avoid the fight. Nuno still followed him and hit him in the head. Saavedra was carrying a pocket knife and stabbed Nuno several times, killing Nuno. ( www.washingtonpost.com) Bullying caused a 14 year old to murder and a 16 year olds death. Something neither of them wanted to happen. Other factors at school that may resort to violence are lack of commitment to school,and poor performance academically. Some teens have issues academically and are to embarrassed to get help. Instead, they look to fit in elsewhere and join gangs. Joining games comes with a price, and they commit a lot of violent acts. Gangs jump other teens, kill other teens, and engage in war with other gangs. War that can kill many teens and innocent bystanders....
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