Teen Suicide: Enough Is Enough

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  • Published : May 10, 2010
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Teen Suicide…Enough Is Enough

One day I will be getting a tattoo on my right shoulder that contains the phrase, “Live For More!” I want the words to be in an old-fashioned, yet fancy, script and the letters will be both black and bold. My reason behind that specific font is to make the phrase stand out as much as possible, so that whoever reads my arm can see exactly how meaningful life really is to me, as a teenager living in today’s highly competitive, responsible, and stress filled world! Teen suicide attempts and completions are at an all time high in these present days and there are many reasons contributing to its growth as years progress. I am sick of adolescents ending potentially happy and successful lives. Now is the time to address not only its growth and statistics throughout the years, but also to reveal the underlining causes and warning signs of suicide. Essentially, it is also the most opportune moment to discuss the many possible life saving solutions to end this serious, yet popular, problem.

It is official that today teen suicide is at an all time high. Surveys have shown that more than 25 percent of high school students and 10 percent of college students have seriously considered taking certain actions to end their lives. This unfortunate problem has grown a rate four times that of 1950. In present days, girls are about twice as likely to attempt suicide, whereas boys are actually four times more likely to complete the act. To prove wrong the assumption that the problem is mostly based upon economic terms, statistics show that rich teens kill themselves as often as poor or middle-income adolescents. Statistics even state, “Today, an estimated 276,000 kids between the ages of 14 and 17 try killing themselves each year, and more than 5,000 succeed” (Roleff). Studies also show that, at one time or another, every person has already thought of or will think about suicide. These numbers are very disturbing, and yet they only...
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