Teen Sex in Today's World

Topics: Sex education, Adolescence, Birth control Pages: 4 (1300 words) Published: May 22, 2011
Unit 7 Project
Jennifer T. Waidner
Kaplan University
PS220 – Child & Adolescent Psychology
May 9, 2011

Things have changed so much since I was a teen. It seemed like even though some of my friends were a “little wild” we still had lots of morals back in the 80’s. Most of my friends and me were taught right from wrong and it seemed that parent’s had more time for their kids back then. It seems that now days kids are just simply maturing a lot faster then 25-30 years ago. I hit puberty around the age of 11 and my 9 year old daughter is developing at a much faster rate. Not only are kids developing faster but they are learning about sex at younger ages. But, according to a newly published study of 15- to 19-year-olds by the Guttmacher Institute, teen sexual behavior in general hasn't changed much since 1991 (Yabroff, 2008). I think this study may be correct. I think that kids between the ages of 15-19 just naturally are curious about sex and I don’t think that has changed much over the years. In fact, my Grandmother married my Grandfather at the early age of 15! So that tells you that things have not changed much in the way of kids having sex at a young age---but I think what has changed is the moral and ethical values of kids today.

It seems like today they are starting sexual education classes at a much younger age then back in the 80’s. My daughter is in the 4th grade and I had to sign a paper stating it was okay for her to be a part of the sexual education class- 4th grade!!! Wow! Is it necessary to start at such a young age? I think that if parents would talk to their kids about some issues that have to do with sex early on then the schools wouldn’t have to force this on your kids at such a young age. But, a lot of parents just don’t know how to approach their kids on this subject or just don’t have time. In the cases where the parents don’t make an effort to teach their kids then I think that it’s important that the schools do teach the kids. It’s...
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