Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Topics: Adolescence, Pregnancy, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Teen Pregnancy Prevention
One of the biggest influences as to whether or not a teenager becomes sexually active and as a consequence becomes another teen pregnancy statistic has to do with parental relationships. Most teenagers actually rate their parents high on the list of people they trust to give them accurate information about birth control and sex. You can help your teenager understand the risks of teen pregnancy by speaking with him or her about how you feel. Here are ten things The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy recommends that you can do to help prevent teen pregnancy: 1.Talk to your teenager about your own sexual values and attitudes. Openly telling your teen how you feel about sexual activity can help guide your teenager into thinking about these issues for herself or himself. It can be especially helpful for you to make known your sentiments about the importance of birth control. 2.Talk about sex early and often. Because most teenagers trust their parents on the subject of sex and birth control, you are likely to be the first person questions are directed at. By openly talking about sex in an age-appropriate way, you can teach your teenager how to behave responsibly. Having "the talk" once and then avoiding the subject further is not helpful. Also, make sure that you talk about the positives of appropriate sex. This will help them understand the meaning of sexual relationships, and help them feel more comfortable developing their attitudes and taking a stand against teenage intercourse, or insisting on the use of birth control. Be sure to ask them what they think; don't make it one big lecture. 3.Establish rules and behavioral standards. Supervise your teenager and establish expectations for them. These expectations should not be onerous, but most teenagers prefer to know what is expected of them in behavior. Know where your teenager is, and establish a curfew with the help of respectful and reasonable discussion with your...
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