Teen Pregnancy Leads to Adoption

Topics: Adoption, Foster care, Adoption, fostering, orphan care and displacement Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Michelle Arndt
Mrs. Popp
English 10
February 11, 2013
Teen Pregnancy Leads To Adoption
Teen Pregnancy is a problem in today's society.  There appears to be a lack of support and teen mothers don't know their options.  I feel that many teens today are unaware of the dangers of unprotected sex and what the outcomes are in this process.  To bring another life into this world without proper care and attention that they need is not a good thing at all. Keeping the child is a big step but is also a benefit at times. It’s only beneficial when the teen mom is one hundred percent sure that they are ready for this new life to come into their world and to give them the attention they need. Because teen pregnancy is so common in the United States there needs to be a solution to people that have no support for the child. People that have no support after having the child, should consider adoption for the best of the child. Babies are great. They are all loving, cute and make the best cuddle buddy but who knew taking care of a baby would be so much work. Most teens don’t think of a baby being so hard to take care of a child at sixteen years old because they have never taken care of one all by themselves before, but it’s more work than you could ever expect. Babies take so much energy to take care of from waking up every three hours, changing diapers, feeding them, buying them the things the need to giving them all you attention. Being a teen mom you must give your full attention to them, this is why most teens fail at being a teen mom because teens are young and like their attention on other things.

Most teens get pregnant because they have lack of knowledge of birth control and protection. Most teens don’t discuss these things with their partner, that’s why teen pregnancy is so popular now days. By age fifteen, thirteen percent of teens have had sex at least once, could be more. Almost half of the United States have had sex by age fifteen some even at fourteen...
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