Teen Pregnancy Advocacy

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence, Health economics Pages: 5 (1689 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Teen Pregnancy Advocacy Project Proposal
Families with teens and adolescence are faced with many social issues as well as common health problems. There are families within our society that comprise a special aggregate known as at-risk teens. One problem or concern that exists for this aggregate group is early pregnancy. The rate in which adolescent females are giving birth in the United States (U.S.) has decreased over the past few years. However, the U.S. teen pregnancy rate continues to be as much as nine times higher than other developed countries (Morbidity And Mortality Weekly Report, 2011). Every community in the United States (U.S.) is comprised of families. Although each family has a different set of values, morals and cultural beliefs, many family units involve teenagers. Each family unit has the potential to be exposed to or become a part of the phenomena of unintended adolescent pregnancy. The U.S. teen pregnancy rate continues to be as much as nine times higher than other developed countries (Morbidity And Mortality Weekly Report, 2011). Statistical information regarding this aggregate group illustrates the frequency of teen pregnancy in the United States as well as in the African-American community. Increased rates of teen pregnancy also increases the occurrence of preterm birth, infant mortality and, low birth weight. Moreover, adolescent females who give birth are more likely to experience socioeconomic hardships including but not limited to failure to complete high school education, low socioeconomic standing (Morbidity And Mortality Weekly Report, 2011). The offspring of adolescent parents tend to have poor health, low cognitive development, experience low educational achievement and, offspring experience increased rates of adolescent pregnancy (Jutte, Roos, Brownell, Briggs, MacWilliam & Roos, 2010). Negative health risks and outcomes are not limited to infancy. Studies have shown that mortality rates of children between the ages of six thru seventeen years old, born to adolescent females, was increased. Moreover, the increased rate of hospitalization of these children continued through adolescence (Jutte et al., 2010). Community Health Plan Overview

Advocacy is the use of information and resources to create organized changes that influence the way community members or aggregates live. The intention of advocacy is to address the quality of life for both aggregates as well as community members (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2010). Christoffel’s conceptual advocacy framework is used to categorize the advocacy efforts community health nurses can take. The conceptual framework for advocacy occurs using three stages: information, strategy and action (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2010). This concept aligns the stages sequentially however, in daily practice, the stages occur simultaneously. The information stage describes the activities utilized to define, describe and measure the health problem. The strategy stage refers to the use of acquired data and information to identify areas requiring change or intervention for the improvement of health. The action stage is the activities used in implementation of strategies (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2010). Christoffel’s conceptual advocacy framework is a useful tool for creating an action plan for the prevention of pregnancy among the aggregate group, at risk teens. The community health nurse would utilize the three stages of the conceptual model to create and execute activities. First, during the information phase, the community health nurse will conduct research to identify and gather data regarding the at risk adolescence. The data collected will consist of details regarding the health concerns of early pregnancy, the patterns of occurrence of early pregnancy as well as identified risks. Moreover, this phase will outline program efficacy at each level of prevention as well as barriers to the effectiveness of programming. During the strategy phase the community health nurse...
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