Teen Pregnancy

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  • Published : March 20, 2011
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While the United States having the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world, new phenomenon’s controlling debates in today’s society consistently reflects upon teen pregnancy and the average age of teen mothers declining drastically. Controversies in today’s media, political debates, and views on birth control depict both ends of an abstruse teen pregnancy spectrum, as people choose to glamorize such motherhood or castigate it. In society, many people believe success can come easy to young mothers, but it is extremely rare that most teen moms have a tight support system that can lead to a better life for both her and her child. Although teen pregnancy anyone would have to go through, putting strains on family, relationships, education, and finances, it is idolized in American society through the media and pop culture. Instead of glorifying teen pregnancy, the community and government should educate the public about the negative effects it has on not only the young mothers family, but community as a whole. Today’s pop culture plays an immense role in idolizing the issue of Teen Pregnancy. Television shows and clothes stores, have been noticing the uprising in young mothers glamorizing it, and using it to their advantage. Television shows like Secret Life of the American Teenager and movies like Juno, whose audience is targeted to teenage females, changed many peoples perspectives on the hardships of juggling school, work, and raising a child. Although fiction, the simplistic lives of the mothers portrayed on such shows becomes somehow realistic to the viewer, giving them an unrealistic interpretation and false hope of being a young mother, without having to worry about money or education. Child psychologist, Laurie Zelinger believes that this false hope can “increase the likelihood that for some people, they will say, 'I can do it, too.' " (Thompson) Reality television shows, notably 16 and Pregnant and spin off Teen Mom, which were created to...
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