Teen Pregnancy

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  • Published : February 17, 2011
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The numbers of teenage pregnancy are very high but when you think about the numbers most could have been prevented with the use of protection. Some people may not afford condoms but if you cannot afford a condom you cannot afford a baby. Children from homes ran by teenage mothers go through a hard time in life. Teenage mothers have no time for other things, because they are busy taking care of their baby. Most teen mothers end up dropping out of high school, because they do not have time for school anymore. They work for low wages to make money and support the child. Some teenagers try to stay in school to have a good image, so that other people in school do not look at them as a pregnant teenager but as just one of them. Most teens that have had sex wish they had waited longer and most teens and adults believe that it is important for teens to be given a strong message from society that they should not have sex until they are at least out of high school. Other teens do what they have to do and give their full support to the child, they stay in school until close the time of their baby’s delivery date. When teenagers plan to have intercourse, they should think about whether or not they could hand

Some people find not having sex frustrating. Teens who marry because of pregnancy are three times more likely to divorce than women who wait until their twenties to conceive. Having an unwanted pregnancy may lead her into an unwanted marriage, which causes a long-term illness and emotional distress, or constrain her opportunities for education or employment. Parents should talk to their teenage children about how valuable their education is to them, they should tell their children how you lose most of the things you ever wanted because of having a child. Some people would like to be prepared and have a condom or spermicidal available in case they change their mind. Speakers can be very effective because they are not people who have done research on teen pregnancy but...
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