Teen Pregnancy

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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The Implication For Girls Who Experience Teen Pregnancy

The Implications for Girls Who Experience Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is not just a problem that relates only to young girls. Indeed, the problem of teen pregnancy will touch almost every aspect of society. The social implications of teen pregnancy include lower levels of education attained, increased numbers of poverty and crime, and a myriad of emotional issues for the pregnant teenage girls. Each of these implications will place a direct burden on society and each person of that society will bare some of the costs associated with teen pregnancies.

The educational consequences of teen pregnancy are serious. According to the National Education Association Health Information Network only one third of teenage mothers will complete high school and receive their diploma, and less than two percent will go on to get a college degree (NEAHIN, n.d.). Unfortunately, once a baby arrives, teen mothers find that their focus needs to shift from attending school to the demanding role of motherhood. Although many teen mothers might have hopes of returning back to school some day to finish their degree, few will probably ever follow up on this hope. Without a complete education, which is often required to procure gainful employment, the economical future for a teenage mother tends to become grim.

The economical implications of teen pregnancies are astonishing, not only involving the teenage economic situation of the teenage mother, but also the economic situation of the whole society. The costs associated with raising the children born of teenage mothers are shared by everyone in the society. Most often teenage mothers are unmarried and cannot solely support the costs associated with children. Even teenage mothers who chose to work are usually limited to unskilled, nonprofessional jobs (Bissell, 2000, p. 191). Often, this set of circumstances will lead many mothers into poverty and cause them to move onto...
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