Teen Pregnancy

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence, City Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Haley Lundak
Professor Haddox
English 1302- 7a.m.
31 January 2013
Teen pregnancy is a growing trend. Cities and towns all over the country are being affected by this growing statistic. However, El Paso is being overwhelmed with this statistic. Teenagers in El Paso are being affected by the growing statistic in extreme ways. The teens of El Paso are being greatly influenced by the culture of El Paso, today’s society, and they are falling into the trap that their demographics portray will happen to them.

The culture of El Paso is very unique due to the fact that it is a border city. The city has very strong Mexican influences in its culture. The Mexican influences contribute the attribute of modesty to the people of El Paso. The modesty of the people that live in El Paso contributes to the high rate of teen pregnancy because families do not want or feel comfortable talking about racy topics such as sex, having protected sex, and unplanned pregnancy with their teens. This causes many teens to be ignorant or misinformed which can contribute to the growing statistic. Teens in El Paso are not only affected by the Mexican influences in El Paso’s culture, but they are also affected by the city atmosphere. Large cities are more likely to have teen pregnancy, and El Paso fits this idea. El Paso’s high population and large city atmosphere contribute to teens becoming pregnant because they are more likely to fall into this statistic. Teens in El Paso are falling into many statistics set by their situations.

The demographics of El Paso show that the teens in the city have a much higher possibility of becoming part of a pregnant teen statistic. Demographics show that certain races and ethnicities of people are more likely to have pregnant teens such as African-Americans and Hispanics. El Paso follows this demographic trend because the city is predominantly of Hispanic ethnicity. Also, low income families are more likely to have their teenagers become pregnant. El Paso...
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