Teen Pregnancy

Topics: Pregnancy, Reproductive health, Teenage pregnancy Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Arina: Good morning to our English teacher, Pn.Asha and my fellow friends. First of all, I'm Arina as the leader and this is wendy, shirlyn and Azlina. Today, we're going to talk about teenages' issues that always happened around us and finally we chose the topic of "Teen Pregnancy". Let's start with wendy, what do you think about Teen Pregnancy, is it good or bad?

Wendy: I against Teen Pregnancy.There is no way one could consider teen pregnancy is a good thing. Far too many lives have been damaged due to teen pregnancy in the past. The teen for one must make adult decisions regarding the infant, thereby taking away the joy of being a teen. The infant may pay a large price by being raised by a child as well. Both of these would cause life long problems. Few teens can financially support a child after its birth but it is important to stay in school and not get pregnant so the person can gain educational and job skills. It is important that a person can be somewhat mature before pregnant. This can prevent a lot of problems that could be experienced in the future.

Arina: I agreed with you.They just threw away their precious youth like that and I think teen pregnancy is getting out of hand, kids are having sex way too young, they are not ready to raise a child. I am tired of seeing grandmothers raising their children's children. What about your opinion shirlyn?

Shirlyn: For me teen pregnancy is a disaster. Every baby is a blessing. However, teen pregnancy is a not a good thing. Teens are not emotionally of financially ready to be parents. They need time to mature, and learn how to take care of themselves before they can properly take care of a newborn. Often that job falls to other family members, which is unfair to everyone. Teen pregnancy is also harmful to many. Teen pregnancy not only negatively affects the young mother, but also the child. A young mother is less likely to take care of herself as she should during her pregnancy. This leads to more...
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