Teen Pregnancy

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: February 5, 2013
What we allow our children to view on television, in print media and through sex-filled songs pressuring them to have sex at an earlier age? According to a study done by Jane Brown of the University of North Carolina and a chief author of the report 1,017 students were used in the study ages 12-14 to research what children were exposed to which at that time was only limited to what they saw on television. During a recheck two years, later the research showed that children were exposed to 264 items that included movies, music, and magazines. The media outlet that the children were exposed to was monitored for sexual content. Improving what we allow our children to listen to and watch on television is a great impact on their lives. Brown discovered in her research that children exposed to sexual content were inclined to have sexual intercourse at an earlier age.

Out of the other industrialized nations, the United States has a teen pregnancy rate three times higher than other areas. With that much exposure to sex through music, videos, and television, it is becoming a major health concern. Teens having sex at a young age can result in sexually transmitted diseases as well as unplanned pregnancies. Improving how we monitor what are children are exposed to can have them to live a healthier life by staying abstinent.

Thousands of teenagers have become parents at such a young age that they did have time to fulfill their adolescent years. Teens who are parents cannot go away to college and try to make something of themselves they have another life besides themselves to care for. The physical effects on teens with babies are that they tend to act out; some abandon their children because they want to continue to be with their friends.
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