Teen Pregnancy

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This chapter presents the method of research, the setting of the study, the respondents of the study, the research instrument, the data gathering procedure, and the statistical tools or treatment of data. Method of Research

The researchers used descriptive method for this study. The descriptive method is used to assess “What is “and it is designed to produce information about prevailing situation , or what is or has been happening or to describe the nature of things.

Since the researchers would like to find more information about the students perception about early pregnancy, the descriptive method is appropriate to use in the study. Setting of the Study
The study was conducted at Concepcion Integrated School (CIS) Secondary Level. It is a public, non –sectarian, and co-educational school. Concepcion Integrated School is located at J.P. Rizal St.Concepcion I Marikina City .The school offers education for preparatory, elementary, and high school students. Its was founded in the year 2002. Respondents of the Study

The respondents for this study were the junior students of CIS.
There were 98 third year students as the total population size of the 10 sections. The sample size was determined by the formula below:


In the of the 10 section in third year, 10 students were asked to answer the questionnaire is give to them. The respondents were chosen using the simple random sampling. Research Instruments
The research instrument that was used in this study was questionnaire about the perception of the respondents on earl pregnancy. The questionnaire is composed of 6 items. The survey was conducted with the permission of the officer-in-charge.

The researchers revised the questionnaire for it to be understood by the respondents. The questionnaire was corrected by their teacher, Mrs.Lorenza Mabini. It was altered to get the assurance that all aspects of the study were involved.

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