Teen Pregnancy

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence, Birth control Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: January 3, 2013
In 2011, a study was done to show the correlation between teen pregnancy and the achievement gap among minority youth. In 2006, the pregnancy rate among 15-17 year old non-Hispanic Black was more than three times as high, and the birth rate among Hispanics was more than four times as high as the birth rate among non-Hispanic Whites. In comparison to women who choose to wait to have children until about the age of thirty, teen moms’ education is proven to be adversely affected. Teen mothers are 10-12% less likely to finish high school and have 14-29% lower odds of attending college in their lifetimes. This study was conducted in order to find successful programs that had the potential to assist teens in gaining the knowledge and skills needed to postpone sex, practice safer sex, avoid unintended pregnancy, and if pregnant, to assist with them completing high school and pursue a postsecondary education. Yet, even with the availability of effective practices that are available for schools to address this problem with, Federal Legislation have increase the use of the abstinence-only-until-marriage approach, which lacks much evidence that its use has been effective. Therefore, the study was designed to find and present more effective alternative approaches to teaching sex education. The main research question in this study was “What can schools do to reduce non-marital teen births?” In addition, the hypothesis that was stated in the studywas that while no single program approach would dramatically reduce teen pregnancy, guidelines existed that, if followed by local educators, wo uld ensure program effectiveness.Collectively, comprehensive sex education, including education about both abstinence and contraception, would result in delayed initiation of and frequency of sexreduced number of partners and increased contraception use. Another factor to this hypothesis was that more intensive, multi-component youth development programs serving high-risk populations would...
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