Teen Pregnancy

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Being a pregnant teen can be a great issue. The act of being a pregnant teen itself has shown to cause stress, anxiety, and even depression. Maybe the teen cannot afford to care for the baby. Maybe the teen was raped. Maybe the teen is afraid to tell her parents. Whatever the case may be, the whole situation is too much to handle for the teen herself. It would be in the best interest for this teen to seek counseling so she can have someone to talk to. The best bet would be to go to the school counselor.

School counselors would be the best type of counselors for teens because, for one, they are specialized in working with younger people, so they would be a better bet for teenagers. Also, school counselors do not charge money for their services. They are readily available to help any teenager going through a difficult situation. In this case, the situation would be teen pregnancy. Sometimes, all pregnant teens need is to talk so somebody. They want to let out their thoughts, their fears. They want someone who will listen to them and try to comprehend what they are going through. In this case, school counselors would be more than willing to listen to their situations. They will even give advice if need be.

But what about professional counselors that one pays for? Wouldn't they be better at helping someone since they have more experience in the counseling field? Not necessarily. It is important to remember that school counselors also went through sufficient training in order to become counselors. Their choice to focus on school students does not impact how great their services are. In any case, if need be, school counselors can refer the teen somewhere else where they can be helped in full scope. For example, if the teen is feeling suicidal, the school counselor can refer her to a place that specializes in helping suicidal teens. It all depends on the specific needs of the pregnant teen.

So if you or any other pregnant teen you know of is experiencing...