Teen Pregnacy

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Teen Pregnancy

Cierra Franklin

English 102


Dr. Freeman

July 26, 2010

Everyday young girls are faced with life changing decisions, whether or not to tell someone their pregnant or might be pregnant. Teens fear what others will say about them or how their family and friends will react to them being pregnant. What teens do not realize is by not seeking help or informing someone their pregnant, they place themselves and their children in harm’s way. Starting the moment they become pregnant their chances of having health risk, during the pregnancy has already begun. There are several consequences and health risks that effect teens during and after pregnancy such as: gaining too much weight, not gaining enough weight, use of drugs, alcohol and smoking, infections caused by STDs, lack of nutrition, premature birth, death, substandard or insufficient education, abuse and neglect, crime and having more children. Effects on Mother

Teenagers are not as educated about pregnancy as many adults are, because of this they do not understand how important it is to receive prenatal care, and several teenagers do not receive prenatal care until late into their pregnancy and some not at all (Miller, 2006). Most of the time teens are afraid to tell someone their pregnant or even might be pregnant because they are ashamed and afraid. Majority of teenagers are usually in denial about being pregnant they feel if they do not acknowledge being pregnant then they will not truly be pregnant, which in return pushes the chance of receiving prenatal care back further. When teens do not receive prenatal care they have less chances of detecting problems early. Prenatal care can help educate teens on some of the right things to do during pregnancy to help avoid some of the health risks associated with beginning pregnant so young. One of the main health risk teens face during pregnancy is gaining too much weight (“Pregnancy and Nutrition,” 2000). This is caused by not eating the proper foods, lack of exercise, and not knowing what is good for them or the baby. Gaining too much weight can also cause them to be tired all the time, not have much energy and it also can cause their blood pressure to be high, which increases a chance of a stroke, or even cause sugar problems, which leads to diabetes. Some teens even have back problems from carrying all the extra weight around. Another health risk pregnant teens are faced with is not gaining enough weight (Hoffman, 2008). This is usually caused by poor nutrition, a lack of eating the proper foods and not taking prenatal vitamins regularly or not at all. Teenagers tend to eat tons of junk foods that are high in sugar and fat. During pregnancy teens should eat healthier foods to help give the baby the nutrition needed to grow strong and healthy, also to help keep them healthy as well. A third health risk would be the use of drugs alcohol and smoking during pregnancy (McClure, 2007). The effects of these substance can be harmful to a mother, and her child during pregnancy. The use of any of these three substances can make a teen mother go into early labor, cause the child to be still born, cause the child to be born addicted to any one of these substance, cause the mother to have a higher chance of having a tube cal pregnancy, a higher chance of becoming infertile, a higher chance of the placenta separating, and just increasing the chance of a complicated pregnancy. A fourth risk would be the teen’s emotions. During pregnancy the teen normally become emotional. Some teens are torn between keeping their baby, giving their baby up for adoption or terminating the pregnancy all together. Some teens feel ashamed that they are pregnant at such a young age others feel as if they are trapped; some even believe that they are loved now that they have a baby; some feel as if they are alone with no one to turn to. As a teenager their emotions are already all over the place so during pregnancy teens...
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