Teen Obesity

Topics: Nutrition, Suicide, Obesity Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Ruben Garay
Kimberly Wert
Teen Obesity In The United States
Now that I’m an adult, I’m fortunate that I was never called fat. Growing up I seemed to always have been the fattest kid in elementary and middle school. Not until the end of my eighth grade year I recognized I needed to correct my eating and exercise habits. It was difficult to accomplish my goal because of my poor choices in diet and exercise, but I accomplished my goal by becoming more aware and active in sports. On my journey to becoming healthy I learned at least 16 to 33 percent of children are considered obese, and Over 300,000 deaths each year are caused from obesity, making the United states the fattest country in the world. Teens in the United States need to become more aware of making healthier decisions. Teen obesity is becoming a problem in the United States and the only way to conquer teen obesity is by making children aware of diet and exercise.

The United States is so fund of the word skinny that it becomes unhealthy for children. Teenagers in U.S. Need to recognize the word obese and fat is not considered, unless a child’s weight is at least 10 percent higher than what is recommended of their height and body type (http://disease.disease.com/Diseases/Teen-Obesity.html). Even if so teens can weigh more then 10 percent of their body fat and still not be considered obese because an athletic body type contains more muscle then fat, so it depends on body type. A person is considered obese when a person eats more calories then the body burns. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson is now considered obese to critics. Jessica Simpson is an American singer, entrepreneur and actress. This superstar is thought to be fat to critics from websites (www.huffingtonpost.com) and articles like “Jessica Simpson plans to stay fat”. It’s ridiculous how people would criticize someone who is clearly not fat. It is true...
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