Teen Mom and the Social Media

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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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Teen Mom has been an innovative show in the reality show industry because it has opened up to society what a teenage mother goes through as she raises her first child. These girls have matured a long way throughout their Childs birth and their upbringing. The show presents four Teenage girls, now eighteen, struggling with money, school, and dating as well as dealing with insecurities, their parents, the father of their children and for a couple and a mother and daughter, domestic violence. While society usually judges girls who get pregnant at any early age, this reality show has bought into terms the reflection of these four women and how they stand in or stand out of the teen pregnancy statistics. Teen Moms huge success and its continuity on MTV where it had premiered for a few almost two seasons have been very controversial to many viewers. The criticism of making paying these girls to let people into their lives and see how they live is only the beginning of their reality show world.

Through my research, one of the things that I will question is how has Teen Mom effected the societies perception of teen pregnancy. I will also do some research to analyze how the show has changed other television programs like sitcoms, soap operas, comedies and reality shows regarding the roles of teen mothers today. Is it fine to believe that it is okay to broadcast the lives of these teen moms instead of dismissing them as another statistic? Is it okay to say that these girls are now some kind of celebrity since they are on television? Is MTV making entertainment out of these four new moms? In this paper, I argue that Teen Mom reflects how the media has changed the way society views teen pregnancy as a whole because of the way it has glamorized the lives of these young mothers by having them star in a reality show, getting paid thousands per episode, and living a “celeb-reality” life by making public appearances and doing various broadcast and published interviews. The...
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