Teen Mom 2 Evaluation

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Taylor Cordell
Nora Beerline
English 1111
Glitz and Glamour?
“Teen Mom 2” is a sequel to MTV’s “16 and Pregnant”. More than three million people watch the series every week. It is MTV’s highest-rated show targeting women starting at age twelve. “Teen Mom 2” features the lives of four teen mothers: Leah, Jenelle, Chelsea, and Kailyn. They are followed by cameras daily to show the gritty hardships they face. Unlike “16 and Pregnant”, it offers an unglamorous and sometimes uncomfortable look into their lives. “Teen Mom 2” under-scores what life can really be like when you have a child at a young age. The show educates teens about being a teenage parent, while still being entertaining.

Leah struggles with having relationship problems with her ex-husband and developmental problems with one of her twins. She seems to reach the boiling point when she finds out she will be expecting her third child.

Jenelle does not have custody of her child. She signed over custody to her mother so she could “mature”. She is addicted to drugs and alcohol, moves from place to place, and gets violent with her mother in front of her child. Her segments have never been dedicated to her son. She is more interested in jail, boyfriends, and drugs.

Chelsea is a single mom. She has support from family and many friends. She dropped out of high school once she had her daughter. She takes GED classes and plans on attending beauty school once finished with her GED.

Kailyn is also a single mother. She attends college and struggles with living on her own. She does not have any family members to support her through her journey as a teen parent. She constantly argues with her son’s father about custody agreements and seems to spend most of her time in the courtroom.

“Teen Mom 2” no doubt has an influence on many people. There are plenty of people who love watching this kind of emotional, soap opera, reality television. While the show attempts to highlight how difficult it is...
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