Teen Influences: Negative Effects

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Teen Influences

Several people have claimed teenegers today are being shaped by what they are seeing. People believe that the influences they are being exposed to - such as models, video games, tv shows and violent movies - are having a negative effect on their behavour. But this, for the main part, isn't true. If it were, would there not be more girls wanting sparkly vampires for boyfriends, and more boys dressing up in suits that look like bats? However, some influences on teenagers CAN have negative effects.

Models can have a very horrible effect on teenage girls. They constantly put themselves down, and starve themselves to try to look like these sticks that prance about in hardly any clothes. Whats so appealing about looking like the skinniest wotsit ever? While obesity is to be avoided, surely girls should be allowed to have a piece of cake without feeling guilty afterwards? The weight of models is unreal, and teens shouldn't have to feel like they have to be that size. They need to be shown that beauty comes in different forms, not just in the form of a sick insect.

Most teenage girls watch romantic movies, or tv shows such as The x Factor. How is a show about people dancing supposed to influence teenagers in a bad way? The most thats going to happen is they'll start dancing in the streets. Boy, yes, they like to watch violent movies, but what's going to come of that? Boys'll start carrying knives on the street because a movie convinced them to? No, boy's will carry knives to prove to others that they're tough, and not scared, not because a movie told them to. The amount of time spent in front of the tv (Statistics say that about 60% of teens spend about 20 hours per week on a tv/computer) can be considered dangerous, but the actual shows on it shouldn't be that infuencial.

However. Other tv shows, such as Skins CAN have rather nasty influnces. Teens now seem to think every party they go to should be like a Skins party, with lots of sex, drugs...
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