Teen Films

Topics: Teen film, Teen pop, Teen drama Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Teen Genre; a closer look

What is a typical high school film scene? School buses, bells ringing, book bags, parties, bullies, fights, the nerd, the jock, the pretty girl and the outcast who wants to be her? These are common things people might think of when talking about a teen film. In most teen films today, viewers find that the plot, characters and story lines are very similar. Although, some movies are different in detail and even in time period.

In May of 1984, John Hughes produced the teen comedy film Sixteen Candles. High school sophomore Sam Baker struggles to get through her 16th birthday which no one in her family could remember due to the fact that her sister was to be married the next day. Sam was an average girl, not gorgeous, not ugly, but inevitably unnoticed. Sam felt especially unnoticed by her crush, the hot jock, Jake Ryan. Sam envied his beautiful girlfriend, Carolyn for her “filled out” body, her high status, and of course her boyfriend Jake. While drooling over Jake, Sam is being noticed by a dorky freshman named Farmer Ted who is desperate for popularity and respect. Throughout the movie, Ted continues to try to gain Sam’s interest but doesn’t succeed. Sam is only interested in being friends and talking to him about Jake. Ted happens to know that Jake actually has a crush on her too and tells her. Out of her gratitude Sam helps him with his social unrest by giving him her panties to show to his friends. Although Jake and Carolyn seem to be the perfect couple it turns out that she really only likes their relationship for his looks and “status.” Jake starts to really notice Sam, liking how she is simple and he thinks she’s beautiful. Sam gets nervous every time Jake tries to talk to her and he thinks that she isn’t interested, but after talking to Ted at a party he finds out that she really likes him more than he ever knew.

After the party Jake lets Ted take Carolyn out in his father’s car. Carolyn is very drunk so she doesn’t...
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