Teen Driving

Topics: Adolescence, Driving, Driver's license Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Teen Driving

In Canada, the legal age of driving is 16. According to many research studies, the fatalities with teen age driving put a question to increase the legal driving age to 18 or more due to number reasons. It is not only save lives of teens, also save people who are there on the road every day. What a person typically do on daily basis, when he or she at the age 16. He or she wake up in the morning, go to school for whole day, do some recreational practice or have involve themselves in some kind sports, and go home, have dinner, and do homework. They do really need a car for that. At this age, they are multi-task oriented. While driving, their minds are generally distracted easily by listening music in the car, talking on cell phone or texting some (Morgan). According to rule, teenagers can prepare for driving at an age of 15, so that they can get their license at 16. One year class room preparation and then on the road training is not sufficient to drive safely. They are not maturating enough to handle such big responsibility. It would better to have couple of years training before they get their license. They can start get trained at age 15 and get the license at age 18. A matured teenage at 18 are more focused and better understanding the rules of the road. There is requirement of better driving education. It is recommended involving parents in teenage driving education. Parents generally play a big role on their learning. First one or two years they should be only allowed to drive with their immediate family members. The parents should monitor their driving and correct them whenever necessary to become responsible and better driver (Pomeranance). Getting a car insurance is also very difficult at teenage. Parents’ car insurance becomes expensive, when they include their teenage in their policy. Age and experience are main factors to determine the cost of premium. A good driving record is required to get better quote. There is no doubt...
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