Teen Crashes

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Teen Crashes

I'm going to talk about ''teen crashes.'' teen crashes can be cause by every little thing that you don't even imagine off ,but must of it will be what our generation of teenager are doing in these century like the used of alcohol and drugs. now at days teen don't think that they are in a risk off getting their self kill or even other folks kill , even tho they are killing them self every time they consume drugs or alcohol, when their behind the wheel they have the responsibility off kill somebody else. These kind off problems is especially most for teen ,because they don't have a mature or knowledge as a grown up . Also speeding can cause crashes ,we know how teen act when they are around some friend ''cool and showing off .'' A good attitude and having a high self esteem would be the best way to prevent those kind of thing or even more than that. The organization ''NSC'' national safety council has a lot off information about teen driver, they have chapter that teen can read and let them see that it will be better for them to make the right choice and videos too . They have a page that everyone can enjoy or even donate to help people http://www.nsc.org/safety_road/TeenDriving/Pages/teen_driving.aspx they show and explain the state GDL laws , and for the parent of what they can do to help , because I think that the ones who really have the responsibility of what the teenagers are doing are the parent because not all off the parent pay to much attention to what their child is doing or what would be the risk of given a 15 year old a car and letting them go by them self somewhere with friends, they said that they trust his son or daughter but they don't really know if they are drinking or getting high. So parent you better start helping your child before is to late. That what the NSC is doing try to make the teens and parent to understand what could happened if they don't make the right decision. I think that GDL laws is amazing but I...
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