Teddy Roosevelt

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Can you say that you have ever gotten shot? Well, Theodore Roosevelt can say that. He is such a great leader because when he got shot, he went on to give a full ninety-minute (one hour and a half) speech before getting any medical care or attention. Teddy did not care how his health was but cared about sharing with the people, which is putting himself before others. Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt impacted the world throughout his life, not only during presidency, but before, as well as after. Roosevelt also wrote many inspiring novels, some about his love and compassion for nature and the wilderness. He also passed at least one act that set aside land for use in the future for growing trees.

Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27th, 1858 in New York City. Roosevelt attended Harvard College and then went to Columbian Law School for two years without getting a degree or practiced law. Another thing that happened before Theodore was the president of the United States was that he had a loving wife and with her he had a child. Her wife died two days after she had Theodore’s first child, which was the same day his mother died, February 14, 1884. Theodore later married Edith Kermit Carow and had four children with her. Roosevelt was also a very good writer, and wrote close to 24 novels, 12 of which came before his presidency.

About half of a year after Theodore Roosevelt was elected as the 26th president of the United States, he made the Crater Lake National Park, and each year after this, up to 2006, there was a new park. Teddy Roosevelt was also very smart about ending the Coal Miners Strike in 1902. To end this strike, Theodore appointed an investigator to investigate why each side thought what they thought. The strike eventually turned in favor of the union, by giving them slightly more money and shorter hours. The Alaskan Boundary Dispute was also settled by Teddy Roosevelt, and was a dispute that had been going on since 1821, which eventually ended in the...
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