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Troy Kingdom is a large toy store chain operated by the Snow Mart with its corporation name, the "International Toyworld Inc". It has been known to feature variety of toys, gizmos & gadgets since 1991 and is one of the most respected toy companies in the country. However, research showed that its teddy bears contained the second highest level of antimony, a chemical that caused Sudden Toddler Death Syndrome (STDS) as stated by University of the Philippines Chemist, Dolly Busiksik. On November 19, 2003, Imbestigador, a GMA7 investigative program known to tackle societal anomalies, informed the company that they would air a segment on the cause of STDS based on the work of Ms. Busiksik. They gave the company two production days to come up with their official statement. It gave Troy Kingdom very little time to even come up with a scientific debate. The company confirmed that it has stopped selling teddy bears in anticipation to the new research. With this situation at hand, Troy Kingdom is at risk of a negative media hype that may potentially harm their carefully cultivated reputation among patrons. II. TIME CONTEXT

The case happened on November 2003.
We take this case as the internal Public Relations officers of Troy Kingdom. IV. ANALYSIS
We used the SLIT (Social, Legal, Industry and Technological) variation. Social
The teddy bear is an integral part of any person’s childhood. It’s a symbol of companionship in the absence of a personal entity. However, the toy’s cuddly nature was doubted when Dolly Busiksik, a chemist from the UP, theorized that a substance used in manufacturing the teddy bear poses a health hazard to children or anyone who hugs the toy. She introduced the theory of the cause of STDS, which states that antimony (a metallic substance contained in teddy bear stuffing) reacts poisonously to a child’s saliva, sweat, water or any other bodily fluid. The theory could mean a sudden drop in the teddy bear’s popularity. If parents would know about the syndrome’s existence, the teddy bear’s friendly nature would be doubted, and other toys will take its’ place as the most loved and popular of all time. Legal

In compliance with government and worldwide safety standards, all manufactured and distributed products in the country (including toys) should go thru intense scrutiny, testing and approval by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). The DTI employs strict rules under the Republic Act 4109 or The Standardization Law of the Philippines, enacted in 1964. This established the Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) under the DTI to support industry and protect consumer welfare. Primarily, the BPS undertakes the promotion of Philippine National Standards (PNS) to ensure the consumers will get their money’s worth. BPS is involved in the application of national, regional and international standards. As Philippine representative in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), BPS ensures that Philippines' voice is heard, worldwide. (Philippine Product Standardization and Consumer Safety, Experts’ Review – articles 4.7.2 and 4.7.3) If Troy Kingdom doesn’t comply with these rules, it would be enough ground for them to be sued under violation of the RA 4109. Industrial

Troy Kingdom is one of the largest toy superstores in the Philippines and has been in the industry since 1991. It has numerous branches around SM Malls in the country owned by Mr. Henry See. Currently, Troy Kingdom has almost 60,000 employees nationwide. It is one of the most recognized toy stores in the country, being awarded by the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) as the “Best Toy Store in the Philippines”, while receiving the Category Killer award during the 2006 Outstanding Filipino Retailers of the Year summit. Troy Kingdom has established itself as a nationwide leader in the industry. Technological

Troy Kingdom’s manufacturing process follow international...
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