Ted Williams Speech Analysis

Topics: Batting average, Ted Williams, Korean War Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Ted Williams Tribute

Assignment: Speech Analysis & Critique Read the Manuscript for Beyond Batting by Stuart Howlett and answer the following questions.

Does Stu have a strong introduction? Why or Why not? Please explain your answer in at least 5 sentences.

Yes, Stu has a very strong introduction. After reading it the first time I was intrigued. I instantly wanted to keep reading more to find out about this American baseball player and his most charitable life. Starting the paragraph with a strong quote really grabs your attention in the beginning . This is followed by interesting facts/opinions about Williams thats makes you can’t wait to here more. Some introductions seems to drag out, or don’t seem to convey the message. In this introduction it conveys the message very well and is done in the perfect length.

2) In the body of the speech, how many points does Stuart describe for his audience about Ted William? Give a brief description of each and how he lets the audience know he has started a new point. (at least 5 sentences)

In the body of the speech Stuart describes 3 points about Ted William. His points are the three values that directed William’s life: patriotism, perseverance, and charity. Ted Williams was a patriotic American. Ted missed 5 full seasons of playing baseball in his prime by joining the Marine Corps when he was 25 and serving 3 years during WWII; also fought in the Korean War at the age of 34. Perseverance played a big roll in William’s life. During the Korean War, Williams’s plane had been heavily hit by ground fire. The plane was in bad shape but somehow managed to fly this demolished plane back to safety. William’s loved helping kids. Through charity, he committed himself to raising money for cancer research. His younger brother suffered from Leukemia and eventually died from it, so Williams’s could relate to it.

Did Stuart describe his sources in the speech? Please explain your answer in...
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