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Dear Future Leaders,
In the Ted Talk, The Tribes We Lead given in February of 2009, Seth Godin expresses his ideas about tribes. Tribes are driven by leaders that are formed from their desire to change the status quo through determination and spreading a voice.

Godin starts off his argument talking about the techniques we have used over time to spread our inhibitions. With the advances in the mind and technology, we have to change the way ideas are created, implemented, and spread. Factories were his first example of an idea spreading change. It was a way to create cheap labor and faster machines to produce goods to the people at a faster rate. His second example was TV advertising. The people who were producing the ads took their average ideas and made them known to the world through creative and appealing thirty second TV clips. The clips would hypnotize you into thinking their product was the greatest. This idea changed however, when people got smarter about what was being portrayed to them. The final technique he related to the present day scheme of spreading the word was leadership and to have leadership, you have to create (what he calls) Tribes.

Seth Godin believes that this idea of tribes will create a culture of leading and connecting the people and their ideas. Internet and social media are driving the idea of tribes because they are everywhere and give people place to fell connected. He uses the Beatles as an example saying that they didn’t invent teenagers; they just decided to lead them. Finally, he brings up a four point system that lays out a model for how to challenge the problem, create a culture, and commit to that idea. The four point cycle starts with telling a story to get the word out, connecting tribes to form a community of people with the same views, leading a movement to show that the cause you are fighting for is important, and making a change so that everyone can see how important your cause really is to society as...
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