Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy his Killings as Part of the Control Theory
Ted Bundy was a serial killer in the 1970s, in Florida. He grew up in normal Christian loving home with five brothers and sisters. There was no drinking, drug use, or any such things round the house. Growing up Ted considered himself a “normal” kid. As Ted grew into his teens, he started having desirers of something more. Ted felt something was missing. He had a yearning for a release. Ted soon found his relief in store market porn, which served already to demonstrate his lack of ability to control his drive for deviance. As Ted aged, he found that magazine centerfolds helped him sooth his desire but he needed more. Ted progressed to movies, but his yearning needed more fuel. As the desires progressed he added violence to the print and movie porn. Ted still needed more. He needed to have his desired fulfilled. Soon the violent magazines and movies would not be enough, and his inner and outer controls against deviance began to totally and completely fail him, moving on from victimless deviance.

Bundy was a cold-blooded killer, yes, but it also must be kept in mind that he was a psychopath, with no regard for human life. According to Walter Reckless's control theory, both inner and outer controls work against deviant tendencies. People may want—at least some of the time—to act in deviant ways, but most do not. Bundy’s deviance “compass” was not functioning. This was proven definitely after he escaped from prison while acting as his own attorney for his multiple murder cases. He was advised not to escape, because the prosecution had a very weak case against him. Despite this, he still escaped while researching his case in the prison’s library. Bundy would escape multiple times for prison, indicating that he really never ceased being a threat to society, especially when it is considered that he killed every time he managed to become free.

Bundy’s deviance is not limited to murder. During high school he...
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