Techonology Zombies

Topics: Mobile phone, IPhone, Mario Pages: 3 (1031 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Gabriela H.
ENG 101

Technology Zombies
Technology whether it be a cellphone, computer, tablet, or a game device does more harm than good. We get so wrapped up in what’s going on in the technology world that we forget about reality. It’s almost like we are Zombies being seduced by technology. The more that we use it the more we get sucked in! We have become lazy to the simple things in life. I am one of those unfortunate people that cannot live without their phone. My IPhone is like my personal assistant. It stores all my appointments and important events, phone numbers and even reminds me to do certain things I ask her to. Yes I said, “Things I ask her to.” Her name is Siri. My IPhone even talks back to me! I remember I got my first cell phone when I was 13 years old, it was a Nokia. Nothing like cellphones today. The coolest thing about it was that I could change the color to the screen cover. It had not text capabilities. Definitely did not have any apps to download nor could I use the internet. My poor Nokia wasn’t a touch screen nor did it have a colorful font. Heck, it even had an antenna! Can you imagine using a cellphone this day in age that has an antenna? Nowadays, they have IPhones and Galaxy III’s. These phones pretty much have the same capabilities as a computer. You can check your email, use the internet, etc. Mostly all new Smart Phones and IPhones have a camera in the front of your phone so that you can either Tango or Facetime with someone. Tango and Facetime is like having a webcam already imported on your phone. Everywhere you go, whether it be restaurant, show, park, school even church; you will see someone looking down unto their lap. They may be texting, emailing, facebooking or tweeting but they are on their phones! Next time you go out to dinner look around, I can guarantee you that at least half of the people there are either “secretly” checking their phone. Or they may be bold about it and check it in front of whomever they are...
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